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Bemidji, MN


Residential Glass Repair

For homeowners across Bemidji and the surrounding area, it can be quite difficult financially to totally replace windows when their glass breaks or cracks. But a residential glass repair outfit like Clarity Glass is equipped to repair existing glass fixtures so you can save on replacement by gaining those needed repairs.

Here’s What’s Important

People can point fingers as much as they like as to who broke those windows—maybe the kids through a baseball the wrong way while playing catch; maybe a basketball went hurtling toward a kitchen window; maybe natural phenomena like hail are to blame. Whatever the reason is for the origins of the broken glass, what’s needed are repairs that can help you avoid replacing the windows and other glass fixtures completely. Residential glass repair from Clarity Glass takes that special purpose to heart.

At Clarity Glass, our staff members are experts on residential glass repair. Give us a call, and they can tell you about the different options you might have to replace and repair your glass at the best possible cost.